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What is EBEMS

Are you ready to learn how to improve the efficiency of your event business?If you answered yes, keep reading.

So what exactly is EBEMS? The acronym stands for Event Business Electronic Management System. Our Web Application definitely does as it says: our technology allows you to manage all of your event related business electronically.

So who exactly uses EBEMS? Our customers include show promoters who host international trade shows and special events. Our customers are also corporate event planners who manage every single detail of their company’s attendance at the large-scale world-renowned events. Some of our customers are event planners who use a simplified version to manage all of their daily tasks, budgets and schedules.

EBEMS is developed as a Suite for businesses of all sizes. No matter how big or how small your event management requirements are, EBEMS will allow you to save time and resources. Our personalized online event's logistics management software takes into account the various industry types and business models of our customers. Each EBEMS system is personalized to the exact needs of its user.